EnglishIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->An International Approach Book 1  978-0199126644 Rachel Redford Oxford University Press

->An International Approach work book 1

9780198408901 Rachel Redford Oxford University Press

->The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe by C.S lewis   

Harper  Collins

->Grammar Builder 2

Cambridge university Press
Mathematics IsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->Syllabus D: Book 1 Text book 7th book Oxford University Press

->Syllabus D : Book 1 work book 7th   edition

Oxford University Press
ScienceIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->Cambridge check point science 1978444198096Hodder Education HE

->Cambridge Check point work book 1

978444183467Hodder Education HE
GeographyIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->International  Lower Secondary Geography book 1 Marshall Cavendish Paramount Books Pvt Ltd Press

->International  Lower Secondary Geography work book

Marshall Cavendish Paramount Books Pvt Ltd

->Oxford International student Atlas

Oxford University Press
IslamiatIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->Islamiat Book 6 Islamiat Book 6 Ferozsons
Information and communication TechnologyIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->Computer Made Friendly-6  2nd revised9789694948652 Umbreen Mahar Paramount Books Pvt Ltd
UrduIsbnAuthor Name Publisher
->Work Book:Nardban-e-Urdu Workbook 69780199406883 Iffat Rahat Oxford University Press

->Studenk Book:Oxford urdu k Silsila   Shaheen

9780199401093 Unsia Bano and Amina Azfar Oxford University Press

->Oxford urdu Silsila (Pakistan kay Tahwar a ur Taqreebat)

9780195779608 Unsia Bano and Amina Azfar Oxford University Press
->English  Single Line 03


Single Line03


Single Line(Interleaf) 03


Single Line(Interleaf) 02


Single Line(Interleaf) 02


Single Line 02


Single Line(Interleaf) 02


Regular 03

->Homework Diary (term 01 & term 02)

Required Stationary
-> 5 Chart papers (Different Colours)

-> One paper rim (Company Double A)

-> One mix colour paper set

-> Coulor pencil Box + Crayons (1 box each)

-> Lead pencils + Sharpener +Erasers (12 each)

-> UHU/Stickoo big size

-> Glaze paper different colour (2 each)

-> Plastic sheet for Notebooks

-> One Scotch Tape(Big)

-> Pens (black and blue) 1 box each